Yamaha WR250R/X R3 Engine Swap Kit

Yamaha WR250R/X R3 Engine Swap Kit

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This kit provides the essential brackets and spacers to fit a non-abs 2015-2018 Yamaha R3 engine into your WR250R/X. To install this kit you must have basic mechanical skills. Know how to weld. And be able to use common sense. Plan to spend several weekends to complete this. TactiTronics LLC assumes no responsibility for damages or injury that may ensue. a waiver must be filled out before the kit will ship.

Due to the low volume of units ordered the lead time may be as long as 3 weeks before shipment.

Things you'll need to provide:

Engine mounting and other component relocating bolts, nuts, and related hardware.

Complete R3 engine, complete wiring harness, switchgear, key switch, ECU, gauges, throttle bodies, intake stacks, fuel pump with line to modify, radiator, full aftermarket exhaust, 1.5" stainless tubing to modify exhaust, pod filters for intake. Roughly 6 feet of 1 inch tubing of at least 14 gauge thickness.

Things you need to modify:

Valve cover; Cut off pair riser plug holes

Throttle cable mount; cut and remount to clear frame.

A full aftermarket exhaust must be extended in the middle and cut on the up section to clock it correctly.

Fuel line; you'll need one end from the R3 and one from the WR to make a short loop with two 90 degree connections

Skid plate; contour cut for left side cover and to clear exhaust. 

ECU; Get a tune for a full exhaust and open airbox. Delete the o2 and pair.

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